Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Urban Legends of Greenwoods

Greenwoods is a large expanse of protected woods on the eastern side of Deerbow City. A wonderful place if you ever visit. You can hike, walk, and run during the summer and in the winter cross country ski. Considering that this was part of the city in the 1800's the woods have grown back very nicely.

And there are stories.

In case you don't know the history of Deerbow City. It was made by the lumber and meat packing barons. Greenwoods was supposed to be their wonderfully planned community. They hired some of the top architects to plan out streets and neighborhoods. One place was built, then nothing. The lumber barons moved in to clear out the lumber. See that was the last deal. They would get the timber as the land was cleared. They wanted the wood no matter what. But that never happened. The logging started. Got stopped. Started again. There were accidents and murders. The logging companies finally stopped all together.

The stories started when the logging companies moved in. Remember I said accidents and murder. Well one of the companies, Strake and Thorson, they were starting to cut down the woods across the river from the University. One of the foremen got into a fight with one of the workers. The worker returned that night and killed the foremen. Since then people say the foreman's ghost haunts the woods.

One of the recent ones, is a bit odd. The university students go to Greenwoods a lot. One of the trails is maintained by the cross country team. The rumor is that along that path, there is a man that lives there. Apparently, a lot of the women that use that trail have met him. He must be a charmer, because the stories end with them having sex with him. The odd part about that story is that Andi, the waitress at the Rathskeller told me that she had two room mates that swear it happened to them.

There is the missing village as well. It was the only part of the development I talked about before that had been completed. It was used by Strake and Thorson to house their workers. You can find pictures of it as recently as 1965. But then it disappeared. No one has been able to find it since then.

Do you have places like this where you live?

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