Saturday, June 25, 2011

What an Odd Person

This was really strange. Now mind you, since I was bitten. I have seen some really weird shit, but this one takes the cake.

There is this 6th or maybe 7th sense that vampires have. We can tell if another vampire is near by. We can tell if someone is not human. When ever I look at Swen I get a head ache. So when this guy walked into the Rathskeller last night. Something was up.

First, Swen stopped him. I couldn't see why. He wasn't threatening in any way. I really don't remember what he looked like, except he was dressed like Peter Cushing in a Hammer film, not out of place for the club.

Then he comes inside. He sits down at the far table, so his back is against the corner. It's at this point Steopa starts to watch him. I know something is weird, but I can't place it. I asked Steopa. "What is it?"

Steopa shrugged.

The guy sits there for a while, then Andi comes over and takes his order. She walks by us and gives me this strange look. I force myself not to watch that guy. He wasn't doing anything. So why did it bother me?

Andi gives the guy his drink. He sips it. Then I see it. His pocket watch. When I look at Swen its like I can't focus. This pocket watch makes my fangs grow. He doesn't do anything all evening, but drink his drink. Tips Andi and leaves. But that damn watch bugged me.

Why would the watch do that?

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