Saturday, June 4, 2011

Mundane Parts of a Vampire Life

There are times when a vampire's life is boring.

Don't believe me? We don't have to feed every night. We don't always fight. There are long stretches of nothing. So what do we do. Same thing you do.

There is housework. I can hear you laughing. But there is. Dust is horrible. Especially where Steopa and I live. Once a week we are dusting and scraping the wax off the tables. Although less wax now that I have run the electric to our place. And we can use a vacuum. Now you can laugh. Watching Steopa vacuum is worth a giggle.

We have to go to the laundry mats. Clothes get dirty. The movies and some of the books make it seem like we only wear one outfit, but that's not true. Steopa has two wardrobes full of clothes. I am getting a collection too. In fact I care more about how I look now, than when I was alive.

How do we pay for the laundry? We take the cash off our victims. I know that sounds horrible. But the main reason is, to make it look like a mugging. We don't have to kill. We can. But most of the time, we drink, knock the person out, and take their money. I sometimes take jewelry. Steopa thinks it's a stupid idea. But there are pawn shops that never ask where you get anything.

As you can see, I am on the computer. So that is something else I have to pay for. Thank goodness for prepaid credit cards and cell phones.

One thing I had to get use to was what happens when we sleep. Which is another reason we have to use the laundry mats. We don't go to the bathroom. And some of us (Steopa) like to drink and eat some human foods. We still have to get rid of the waste. It comes off in a powder that covers the skin. When we wake up, the dust gets all over the bedding. It's not really gross. But, once a week, we have to wash our bedding.

I have also learned to mend my clothes. Bullets hurt and they leave nasty holes in shirts.

So if there is no housework, or we aren't hunting. What do we do? Visit Teodor, go to late shows at theaters, hang out at the Rathskeller. But in the late night, early morning. There is nothing to do. That is when we go home. And currently, Steopa is teaching me Russian, which is an up hill battle.

What other mundane things do you think we have to do?

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