Saturday, May 28, 2011


Yes, there are werewolves. No, we don't fight them. In fact, Steopa and I will be attending a wedding of two of them soon. We already seen the changing ceremony. The wedding is only for show.

Steopa's friend Teodor is a neat guy. He is the werewolf. He looks like he is in his mid twenties. From what I can figure is that he has to be at least 90 years old. Steopa and him don't talk much about how they met, but I know it happened during WWII. Somehow Teodor ended up in Russia. He is from Spain. One of these days, I have to find out how.

Personally, I like the werewolves. They have such a close family. Every time we go to his house, it's like how I remember family life before the hell started. The kids respect their dad. But all of them joke around. It's always a mad house. Two of his sons are in college. His daughter works two jobs. His other two sons work and plan to have their own business. Yet, when all of them get together, you can see how much they miss each other.

Steopa is like an uncle to the kids. They treat him like that. The night Nick handed Steopa a beer, was hilarious. Steopa chased him down the street. I hadn't laughed like that in a long time.

Sometime in the 80's Teodor's wife died. Steopa won't tell me about it and Teodor changes the subject. My friend Andi, who's marrying Chuck, one of Teodor's sons, told me that it was horrible. So I have not pushed.

Humans have the wrong idea about werewolves. Or maybe it's just Teodor's pack. But they don't hunt humans. He gets his meat the same place you do, the grocery store. His kids have dated humans. They do have to keep their eating habits a secret. Eating raw meat in front of people can gross people out.

Why do you think werewolves are painted as monsters?

Thursday, May 26, 2011

This was a request.


My writer, sounds so grand doesn't it, requested I quickly write this post.

She has had this question come up. Are their vampire clans?

Um, no.

I don't know who came up with the idea of clans, but I can tell you that most of the time vampires stick to themselves. You want to get us pissed, come in and claim you are a leader.
Steopa and I get looks because we are so close! I am still friends with Vincent, and Ogden, I'm still not sure about him. But the point is, we get along, but if we had to be around each other all the time. We would have it out.

It's like sticking two cats together that are used to being the top cat. They are going to fight, hiss, and attack each other. Then they will tolerate the other presence. That's the best way to describe vampires behaving around each other.

If us four had not made a promise to each other, we would be fighting. Sounds silly, but there you are.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Baldman

One of my hobbies I enjoyed as a human, and still do.. Hacking. Yeah I like to break into servers and mess around with the data. I don't steal anything. I like to see if I can get to the information. And I have found out some stuff. You would think that when companies have stuff on secured servers they are hiding stuff. Actually most of it is benign stuff.

Anyway. One of the first hackers I met, that I can call a friend. I know him as Baldman. I know he has other aliases. But he is my go to guy if I get stuck. He would scare me, because I know he has gotten into a few places that I would never had tried. He knows about about a lot of things, unfortunately I think most of it is crap.

He's a conspiracy theory nut. He doesn't believe the stuff like the Earth is flat, or that we did not go to the moon. He does have some weird theories about who actually runs the planet. He thinks that most of the counties are not separate, that they are all part of a world government. He does get mad when someone tries to claim that 9/11 was a set up. So mad I think he was actually there.

I don't believe half of what he tells me, but it is fun to listen too. Although, I have to admit, some of the things he has shown me, and told me, that can be verified, are scary enough to make me wonder if he does know more than he lets on.

I will not tell him what happened to me. He doesn't need to know that I am a vampire. Can you imagine giving him proof that vampires exist, what he would do?

He is a good friend. He understood what was going on with me before I changed. When my medicine was held back in production, he found another source for me. He has connections. He won't talk about them, but I know he knows some powerful people.

Do you think he is a nut?

Saturday, May 21, 2011


I was lucky. I had a friend that helped me not freak out too much when I became a vampire. He is one. Vincent.

You've seen him. If you ever go to the Burgundy Rathskeller, you have seen him. The unofficial host of the club. Usually dressed in an outrageous costume. I think his favorite now is an undertaker outfit with a bright purple bow. He always has at least one woman on his arm. People are so convinced that he is playing the part of a vampyre, that he has smiled, with his fangs exposed and no one freaks out.

I did. But then I walked in on him feeding. Seeing a vampire feed is not what it looks like in the movies. It's not a kiss. When I was shoved into his private room and he had his fangs in that woman's neck. There was no doubt what he was doing. He raised his hand. At the time I thought I was going to be killed. He told me later, he was motioning me to stop and wait. Minutes later he found where I had ran to and talked to me.

I had liked Vincent before. I have to admit now, I had a little crush on him. Whenever I had a bad night, he would be there to pick my spirits up. And he's cute too. But when I found out the truth I was freaked. Back then, I freaked out about a lot of things.

So I did know a vampire before I became one. After Steopa bit me, Vincent was there. He stayed by my side and helped me through a couple of things. Not because I was under his care. You know, that stupid idea that some humans have that there are vampire covens. He did it because we were friends. We still are.

One thing we share, is that he can talk to me via my mind. The weird thing was when I was human, he would try to straighten my head out and I would push him away. No human ever had done that before. When I was bleeding from Steopa's bite. He calmed me down, talking to me in my mind. Since then, if we need to get a hold of each other. We can.

Not every vampire has the same gifts. I can't rearrange someones memories, like he can. But then he can't do what I can. Apparently, not many vampires can. His new gift is cool too. I have to admit I am a bit jealous.

How would you like to find out your friend is a vampire?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where We Live

You would think that because I am a vampire, I sleep in a coffin. I don't. Actually I never was buried. Legally, I am still alive.

Steopa lives in an underground vault. I think it's a bank vault. Above us is a parking garage. So I think there had been a bank here at one time, and it got demolished, but they forgot about the vault.

Its perfect for us. Its underground. We can lock it from the inside. There is no way sunlight can find us. And the urban spelunkers that explore the tunnels (if they find them) can't enter our place.

We have two rooms, both of them are vaults. One room Steopa has made into a living room. Books, chairs, candles and now my computer stuff fill the room. His swords hang from every wall. It is actually a nice room. If it wasn't for the steel walls, it would feel like a fancy sitting room.

The other is our bedroom. We have an actual bed. I don't know how Steopa got the large four poster oak bed into the vault. The thing is massive. Of course it had to be big enough for him. He has lined the walls with standing wardrobes.

Its a nice place. There are times we do not go out. And our place is comfortable to rest in.

If you were a vampire, would you want to sleep in a coffin?

Saturday, May 14, 2011


I can't believe that people want to have me post things on line. So here I am.

My name is Rebecka Saberhagen. Some might know my handle SaberDragon. I can't say much more. That sounds so bad. But I don't know how to describe what is goes on in my life.

I live with my... How do I explain Steopa? Boyfriend? No. Lover? Impossible. Friend? Yes, but deeper than that. He calls it linked. I think that is the best way to say it. We are linked. Which means we are always in each other thoughts. Not like we are always thinking of each other. I mean we can always sense where the other is.

Steopa is wonderful and I know people look at us odd. I don't blame them. I'm cubby. Not short, but anyone standing next to Steopa will look short. He is 7 feet tall. So if you see a really big guy walking with a chubby, curly haired girl, you might have seen us. I know we are an odd couple, but I don't care.

I have a brother. He owns a tattoo shop and some of the time, he DJ's at a club called Burgunday Rathskeller. That club down at the old warehouse district. His girlfriend, Lorelei, bartends there. I used to work there too, but after meeting Steopa. I don't need to.

And I am a vampire.

Do you think you will come back and read more?