Saturday, May 14, 2011


I can't believe that people want to have me post things on line. So here I am.

My name is Rebecka Saberhagen. Some might know my handle SaberDragon. I can't say much more. That sounds so bad. But I don't know how to describe what is goes on in my life.

I live with my... How do I explain Steopa? Boyfriend? No. Lover? Impossible. Friend? Yes, but deeper than that. He calls it linked. I think that is the best way to say it. We are linked. Which means we are always in each other thoughts. Not like we are always thinking of each other. I mean we can always sense where the other is.

Steopa is wonderful and I know people look at us odd. I don't blame them. I'm cubby. Not short, but anyone standing next to Steopa will look short. He is 7 feet tall. So if you see a really big guy walking with a chubby, curly haired girl, you might have seen us. I know we are an odd couple, but I don't care.

I have a brother. He owns a tattoo shop and some of the time, he DJ's at a club called Burgunday Rathskeller. That club down at the old warehouse district. His girlfriend, Lorelei, bartends there. I used to work there too, but after meeting Steopa. I don't need to.

And I am a vampire.

Do you think you will come back and read more?

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  1. I'll come back but know how often,It's an honor to meet the Both of you.