Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Where We Live

You would think that because I am a vampire, I sleep in a coffin. I don't. Actually I never was buried. Legally, I am still alive.

Steopa lives in an underground vault. I think it's a bank vault. Above us is a parking garage. So I think there had been a bank here at one time, and it got demolished, but they forgot about the vault.

Its perfect for us. Its underground. We can lock it from the inside. There is no way sunlight can find us. And the urban spelunkers that explore the tunnels (if they find them) can't enter our place.

We have two rooms, both of them are vaults. One room Steopa has made into a living room. Books, chairs, candles and now my computer stuff fill the room. His swords hang from every wall. It is actually a nice room. If it wasn't for the steel walls, it would feel like a fancy sitting room.

The other is our bedroom. We have an actual bed. I don't know how Steopa got the large four poster oak bed into the vault. The thing is massive. Of course it had to be big enough for him. He has lined the walls with standing wardrobes.

Its a nice place. There are times we do not go out. And our place is comfortable to rest in.

If you were a vampire, would you want to sleep in a coffin?

1 comment:

  1. Me No I sleep in a Crypt,but your place sounds all warm,nice and cozy.