Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Meet Baldman

One of my hobbies I enjoyed as a human, and still do.. Hacking. Yeah I like to break into servers and mess around with the data. I don't steal anything. I like to see if I can get to the information. And I have found out some stuff. You would think that when companies have stuff on secured servers they are hiding stuff. Actually most of it is benign stuff.

Anyway. One of the first hackers I met, that I can call a friend. I know him as Baldman. I know he has other aliases. But he is my go to guy if I get stuck. He would scare me, because I know he has gotten into a few places that I would never had tried. He knows about about a lot of things, unfortunately I think most of it is crap.

He's a conspiracy theory nut. He doesn't believe the stuff like the Earth is flat, or that we did not go to the moon. He does have some weird theories about who actually runs the planet. He thinks that most of the counties are not separate, that they are all part of a world government. He does get mad when someone tries to claim that 9/11 was a set up. So mad I think he was actually there.

I don't believe half of what he tells me, but it is fun to listen too. Although, I have to admit, some of the things he has shown me, and told me, that can be verified, are scary enough to make me wonder if he does know more than he lets on.

I will not tell him what happened to me. He doesn't need to know that I am a vampire. Can you imagine giving him proof that vampires exist, what he would do?

He is a good friend. He understood what was going on with me before I changed. When my medicine was held back in production, he found another source for me. He has connections. He won't talk about them, but I know he knows some powerful people.

Do you think he is a nut?

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