Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How We Hunt

If you think we pick our prey out at random, you are wrong. Some humans think that vampires pick only criminals to feed off of, some think only certain types of women or men. That is all rubbish.

Steopa says were are predators. And like predators, we weed out the sick and weak. But we don't have to chase anyone across the veld to figure out who would be a good meal for the night.

The main thing to keep in mind is that we Do Not Need to Kill. We need a little blood. If we are in a situation were we will need a lot of blood, then we might kill. It's not a necessary step for feeding. But mistakes can be made. So when we hunt we look for the shroud.

The shroud is an aura that covers all humans. When a vampire looks at you, they see this slight color that surrounds your body. We look for the dark colors. If the shroud is black, that person wants to die. A person with a dark shroud is less likely to fight back and less likely to talk about their experience.

Some shrouds are pretty. Young children can be surrounded in rainbows. The saddest thing to see is a child with a black shroud. Steopa and me don't touch children. We both agree that there is no need to attack a child.

So if we find someone with the right color shroud. We will follow them until they are alone. Then feed off them quickly. The entire feeding takes a couple of minutes. When we are done, the person is usually in shock. Steopa and me take their money. When the shock wears off they convince themselves that they were mugged.

It actually as routine as eating. We don't think about it too much.

Do you think you would ever be chosen to for a meal?

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