Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Strange Event

Last week, that guy with the pocket watch, freaked me out. This week, something else happened.

I have to back up a bit and explain. When we don't want to be seen, we can shield ourselves from you. It looks like shadows come and cover us. If we are standing in a shadow, you won't see us at all.

Thats what we were doing. I had my prey in sight. This skinny pan handler that was always hanging around a bookstore downtown. This night, she was getting pushy. She would block people from leaving the store. The store personnel would come and chase her away. She would come back. Her shroud was so dark, that it was like she was in the shadows as well.

What's a shroud? Have you ever seen the photos taken of people's auras? That is what it looks like. Everyone has one. They can vary in color from bright pink to dark black. The darker, the better. A person with a black shroud wants to die. They might not be suicidal. There is a difference between suicidal and wanting to die.

A person that wants to die, invites death into their life. They might be living a lifestyle that will kill them. They might do things that are dangerous, so they take the risk of dying. Of course, some suicidal persons, really want to die.

So I am watching this pan handler. She is in a black shroud. I am in my shadow. I am waiting for the right time to strike. And then it happened.

This thing came out of the alley. It rushed by me. If felt the wind as it went past. It stood next to the pan handler. I would have not seen it, except my fangs grew. She walked away from the door. That shadow thing followed her.

I was curious. There goes my meal! I followed.

Have you ever seen animations on how some micro organisms eat their food. They surround the prey and absorb it. That is what this thing did. The black fog swirled around her. Then it dissipated like the wind blew it away. She was gone.


I am not kidding. Only her clothes remained. I didn't even smell blood. I had to get out of there. I was freaked out, not since I walked in on Vincent, have I been so freaked out.

Steopa found me. I told him what happened. He put his arm around me, and we hurried out of there.

Watch yourselves out there.


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