Saturday, July 16, 2011

Odd Person Again

I saw him again. That strange man, whose watch set my fangs off.

We had gone down to the square. The Irish festival had been going on all day and we went to find some unfortunate drunkard. The beer had not been flowing long enough, so the drunks were hard to find.

I saw him standing next to the east stage. He wore the same outfit he had at the club. Which with all the green, looked out of place. Steopa and I had been standing next to one of the speakers. I was watching a tall man, who was bouncing back and forth between two groups.

When I saw the odd person, he looked in my direction. We stared at each other for a moment. Then he walked right toward us. I tapped Steopa on his arm. The man made it up to us before we had a chance to leave.

"Excuse me," he said. "Are you Steopa and Rebecka?"

Okay, that was weird.

"Who are you?" Steopa asked.

"You can call me Traveler." He bowed.

He really bowed. Steopa has done it to me, but it is still strange to see.

"How do you know us?" Steopa asked.

"I have been looking for you."

"Why?" I asked.

He pulled out his pocket watch. "I am sorry, I will have to talk to you later, about this."

He hurried away. We followed him. But by the time we had turned the corner, he was gone. Steopa jumped to the roofs to look for him, but Traveler was gone.

Should this bother me?

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