Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Urban Legends of the Rathskeller

I used to live in one of the most haunted places in Deerbow and did not realize it.

The Burgundy Rathskeller had been built in on of the largest slaughterhouses that lined the river in the old factory section of the city. Lorelei says she picked that building because at that time the city was almost giving the building away. They wanted that area redeveloped. It worked, now it is one of the best places to hang out at night. Not just at the Rathskeller.

If you back up to when it was a slaughterhouse. That is where the first haunting stories come from. According to Vincent, who had worked there, it was a 24 hour work place. Thousands of cattle and pigs would come through the doors. It was constantly moving. The stench was horrendous. And people disappeared.

I am sure some got sick of it and left. But there are other creepier stories. The most famous one is the one about Jonnie. Jonnie had just married. He was a hard worker, and it looked like he was on his way to become a foreman. Then one day, during a lunch break, he told some of his workers he had to check one of the ditches, it was backing up. He wasn't seen after that. But a couple people swore they heard him screaming for a few days after is disappearance. A month later, one of the workers ran out of the factory with a bloody face, screaming that Jonnnie had attacked him.

He was sighted multiple times over the next year. Each time he would attack someone. Everyone of them were injured. Some stories say that a few of the ones that were attacked disappeared after the injury.

Where the Rathskeller is, was the lower part of the killing floor. According to some people that work there, they have seen ghosts of the animals that were killed there. I never did. Andi swore one night as she was putting the beer away something came behind her and snorted in her ear.

I am sure there are other stories, but I haven't heard all of them yet.

Any haunted place that you have been to?

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