Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Urban Legends of Solemn Trees

Solemn Trees is the largest cemetery in Konakove. Konakove is the part of Deerbow were most of the immigrants start out in. It is the same today.

Recently, they put a Buddhist temple into one of the newer sections. One of the few classes I took in college we counted how many different languages were on the tomb stones. Fifteen back then. With the recent Asian and Arab populations, I am sure the number has gone higher. Solemn Trees is the cemetery you are buried at when you can't afford Forest Grove.

It's a beautiful place to be laid to rest in. The oldest part of the cemetery if full of trees. Often you will find old coffins pushed through the ground by the tree roots. The trees are so thick in the part of the cemetery it looks as if you are walking through a forest in some areas. Old stone benches dot the landscape. Many of the stones are unreadable now, and the ones that are, are usually not in English.

A place like that would be ripe with tales. It is. Most of regular ghost stories. Certain grave sites have ghosts that appear at certain times. There is the one that has a helpful spirit that will tell you who you will marry if you sleep on her grave. My favorite is the bagpiper.

In the Scottish section, there is an ornate, but small stone. The writing on it has been weathered away. So there is no proof on who is buried there, if anyone. What happens is, if you go there on or around January 25th, you will see the piper. He appears next to the stone and plays his bagpipes. If you see him, but don't hear him, that means death will come to your family. If you hear the pipes, you will die soon.

The reason I like this story, is that a friend of mine swore she saw him. She told me that she had went their with a couple of other people to see if the story was true. And he did appear to them, but they did not hear the pipes. When her grandmother died a few years later, she claimed the piper had warned her.


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