Saturday, August 27, 2011


I still love Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Surprised? You shouldn't be. I loved watching the shows and I still do. Steopa refuses to watch the shows with me. He watched one and when he saw Buffy stake a vampire, he scoffed. "If they think that small stake will kill a vampire they are mistaken."

Why do I still like the show? Spike. I liked him before I became a vampire. I like him even more now. Actually, I like all the vampires. You know how most shows and movies use cookie cutter vampires. Buffy was one of the first I enjoyed that didn't. Some were bad, some were good, all of them could kill. None of them were copies of Dracula, or Louis, or Lestat. Except that one episode with Dracula.

What does Steopa think of it?

I can't watch the shows anymore, if he knows I am. It's not that he asks me to stop watching. But I can't watch a show with him scoffing, yelling at the screen, and all that. Because he has faced real vampire hunters. Although he is impressed with her fighting style. He can't see her being the only one fighting the vampires. I have argued that she is not alone, but he refuses to watch.

Is there anything about Buffy that is real? The hunters I met, were very religious too. Buffy wasn't. I mean that The ones we have run into, will attack with prayers. They wear crucifixes, and other religious icons. They also don't use little stakes. They use ones that could be pikes.

How can I get him to enjoy it as fiction?

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