Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Baldman Rants 3

There was a show on TV about aliens. We were at Teodor's when it was on. I wasn't really watching it. I had come over to use Trucker's computer. Steopa and Teodor went outside to talk. A picture on the TV caught my eye and I told Baldman about it. I said the alien looked fake. He was quiet for awhile, then he said.

"That is what they look like."

As you know, I take Baldman's ideas with a large grain of salt. But he sounded sincere. I had to ask, "How do you know?"

"I've seen them."

I had to turn my face away. I hope he didn't see me laughing.

"Saber, I have seen them. But I can't talk about it," he said.

Okay I didn't push.

But Baldman is always like that. He will tease you with what he claims he knows, then tell you he can't talk about it. Yet, a few days later I get an email from him. It's a picture of that alien, Baldman is in the background. I think it's a photoshop job, but it looks real.

Maybe he is on to something?

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