Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greenwood Tales 2

Greenwood the large expanse of woods on the eastern side of Deerbow, is not a full virgin forest. It has been harvested before. It was developed before. The seven bridges are a good examples of that. Upper Trestle, Upper Bridge, Visitor Center Bridge, and in the swamp, the Cooper Trestle, Oberst-Dettenger Bridge, the Old Trestle, and the Lower Bridge. All of them are strange to see for the first time. You will be walking along a trail, and then a bridge will appear next to the trail. The old roads or rail that used to lead to them, are gone. They are all closed to any traffic, except for the Visitor Center Bridge. But people still climb them. One of the high schools has a tradition, of all the senor boys cross the Cooper Trestle the night before graduation.

High Tower is a large, tall rock formation, that you can see for miles around Greenwoods. Near it is a small bog and Indian burial mounds. This is one of the few areas that was never developed. These are the oldest trees in Greenwoods. you can take the stairs to the top of High Tower and see most of Deerbow over the river. Another place that has stories about it. It was a sacrificial rock, it was used to observe the night sky, river pirates used it to look for law enforcement, and a UFO landing pad.

Indian Burial mounds there are unique in the state for the fact. Not once, never, in the history of the development of Deerbow has anyone wanted to touch those mounds. Even Strake and Thorson left them alone. We have been to the mounds after I changed. There is a very good reason why the mounds are not touched. But I can't talk about it.

By the way, the rumors of the man that seduces the young women. True.

Is Greenwoods the type of place you want to take a walk through?

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