Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spring Heel Jack?

That shadow amoeba is back.

This time it looks more like a human, but it with wings.

Steopa and I were down near Jacob's Landing. Not many people out, thunderstorms were rolling though. We had to dodge hail at one point. Vampires can dry off very quickly, if they get wet. But hail still hurts. And I don't want to find out what being hit by lightening will do to me. So we took shelter under an awing in a strip mall.

The hail sounded like popcorn being popped as it hit the awning. Then I saw this man running with his coat over his head. He had a lunch pail in the other hand. He stopped at the covered bus stop that sat at the entrance of the parking lot. His shroud was a dark blue. Not black enough to make him a potential prey for us.

Steopa growled. I had to turn my head to see what had set him off. Shadows seem to gather in the middle of the parking lot. Then a human shaped shadow stood. I didn't see any eyes, but I could tell it was watching the man in the bus stop. The man in the bus stop, turned and looked behind him. He left the bus stop, leaving his coat and lunch pail behind. He walked to the shadow.

Before we could move, the shadow extended long wings and wrapped them around the man. Then it jumped. The leap went almost straight up.

Steopa and I followed. But by the time we reached the top of the building. The thing was gone.

It reminded me of the stories of Spring Heeled Jack.

What do you think it was?

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