Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Orphans of Vril

Ever heard of them? How about Vril?

Vril was a form of energy that was first wrote about in a story called "The Coming Race." I read it, it's OK.


When it came out, a lot of people believed it to be true. Clubs were made, people wanted to find that energy. Some people claim to know how to get a hold of Vril. One of these groups in Deerbow was called the Orphans of Vril.

I haven't found out too much about what the group was about, but we do know some of the members. What we think they were is a group of business men that got together and held meetings. These were not the social meetings you would expect. Vincent was forced to one of their get-togethers and... He's what he is today, thanks to them.

They dabbled in what they thought was magic. They thought they were channeling the power of Vril. They were channeling something, but it was not a fictional energy source.

These were the top men in the society here in Deerbow. They were bankers, business owners, and possibly a priest. They killed people. Never anyone that would be missed. Immigrants, homeless, and in Vincent's case, they covered up the murder.

Do people know about this now? The historical society says that there were rumors, but no proof. But if you think about it, the proof would have disappeared. A well placed bribe, a payment or a threat to keep someone quiet, these were men that had the power and the money to do that.

Well that's the theory.

How crazy does this sound?

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